About GIGwork

GIGwork is a crowdsourcing platform based on Pybossa, an open source crowdsourcing platform developed by Scifabric. GIGwork makes it easy to host, run, monitor and review/analyze quality for annotation projects. This makes it possible to quickly create new datasets with information that requires human cognition, knowledge, or intelligence to complete — such as text annotation, language translation, data collection/capture, and more!

Unlocks the power
of global freelancers

Things computers
can't do

GIGwork also makes it easy for your tasks to leverage some of the most advanced annotation tools on the market to make the most of contributions from both human and machine intelligence.

Anyone with an authorized account can create a task. Anyone you want from around the world with can contribute. Both tasks and workforces can be configured in the way that best suits your task.

GIGwork projects work as follows . . .

. . . for requesters
  • Requesters can post tasks they created on their own, or using GIGwork’s Task Wizard
  • Requesters recruit qualified workers and share task credentials with them
  • Requesters can define how many tasks need to be completed, and by whom
  • Requesters can specify redundancy, quality control checks, and task order can be specified as needed
  • When the work is done, requesters can download a report containing the data collected/created

. . . for contributors
  • Workers can log in to contribute to projects with the credentials shared with them
  • Workers can contribute to the projects at their own convenience, when and where they want to
  • Upon project completion, workers will be credited for their efforts